Medicaid Eligibility?

How Can I Get Care In My Home?

Step 1: Click on the icon above to download the form and take it to your Primary Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Specialist and explain your need for in-home care.

Step 2: Have your Doctor fill out page 1& 2 in its entirety and fax completed form to Liberty Healthcare at 855-740-1600.

Step 3:  A nurse will call and set a time to assess your needs in your home.  (Keep in mind this is a service for recipients that need hands on personal care, not simply housekeeping, laundry or meal preparation)

Step 4: We’d love to be your home care agency of choice.  You will be given a list of home care agencies and asked to choose one.

It’s that simple.  If you have another payer source such as CAP, VA, PACE, DSS or even private pay call us today for information on how to get your services started.  We are always accepting new clients!

To view, download, and print the necessary “REQUEST FOR INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT FOR PERSONAL CARE SERVICES (PCS) ATTESTATION OF MEDICAL NEED” form click here or on the stack above

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